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Royal Troubles

After much lazing, procrastination and lack of energy, I’m back to doing what I actually love best: writing. I am out of hibernation,and hopefully shall manage to keep awake 🙂

PHOTO PROMPT, Copyright - Claire Fuller

PHOTO PROMPT, Copyright – Claire Fuller

This is my 14th submission to the wonderful group Friday Fictioneers, hosted by our much loved Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. She gives us a picture every week and we commit to paper…er, electronically, our thoughts on it in approximately 100 words. Thank you, dear Claire, for this week’s picture 🙂

My 100 words:



He had stood on the cliff for centuries, waiting to be freed…from his mould of stone, from the curse of immobility…and most of all from the damned pigeons! How he cursed his son. That infidel Theseus! If only he hadn’t betrayed that girl Ariadne. If only he hadn’t left her on that island. If only she hadn’t cursed the ship to sink!

Woe is me! Lamented the statue that was  King Aegeus.  Another bird!

Shoo! Scat! I am a king, you base creature! He thundered mentally.

Nevertheless, the pigeon left a noble present.

How the mighty had fallen….