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Hello there 🙂 My 7th time writing 100 word flash fiction for Friday Fictioneers, a weekly challenge hosted by the talented and sweet Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Every week Rochelle chooses a picture, and more than a 100 of us come forward to give our take on the prompt. Feel free to join in at http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/

Thanks Danny for this week’s fascinating picture 😀

Copyright - Danny Bowman

                                          Copyright – Danny Bowman

Here are my 100 words 🙂



“A holiday on the moon- Must’ve cost you a fortune darling, but what a lovely surprise!”

“Anything for you, honey.” Clark Radford smiled. “Now give me a hug, won’t you?”


1 day later:

“Woman dies in space due to sudden leaking of oxygen tube. Husband Clark Radford sues technical specialist for negligence…”


Clark won the case.

 No one discovered the tiny blade hidden in his customized spacesuit.

The lying bitch! Cheating on me with that high flying whizkid! Well now she can never cheat again…

The trip had  cost him a lot, but boy, had it been worthwhile!


Author: tinkerbelle96

Hi! I'm Sam, an 18 year old certified mad chick who likes to imagine that she can write. I live in India, a colourful, diverse country which is sadly getting polluted everyday by more and more violence....something no citizen can be proud of. I enjoy reading-basically horror, watching romcoms and horror flicks(yes, again horror, my favourite being Sinister- its psychotic just like me), eating( food, oh yes, I love foooooood), attending college, and most of all(oh, do stay and listen a while longer) I love animals. I have periodic urges to own and look random "pets". Currently I wish to own a baby elephant, which I will name Thama. I write to express what I feel, to keep that small creative bone alive in my body, and to make readers happy. I hope you like what I write!

36 thoughts on “Honeymoon

  1. He certainly doesn’t do things by halves! Forget whacking her over the head with a frying pan, he managed to get rid of her and successfully sue for damages at the same time 🙂

  2. He sure went to a whole lot of trouble to pull that off. Good for him.

  3. Oooh, that was moon madness. Doesn’t he have a sense of humour? Nice writing.

  4. Damn…that’s a serious amount of trouble he went through just to knock his wife off the realm of the living. Can’t fault him for creativity!

  5. A nice farewell gesture though.

  6. It helps when one has money to burn-one can finish off the defaulting spouses in style-literally space them out,ha!ha!Loved this fab take:-)

  7. Dear Sam,

    Ouch. I wonder if the authorities will ever figure him out. He certainly went out of his way for revenge. To the moon, Alice!

    I hope you’re keeping that notebook we talked about. 😉

    Shalom ,


  8. This is wonderfully crafted.

  9. murder on the moon! love it 🙂

  10. That’s an expensive murder!! I hope he loses his case.


  11. Oooh, such a villain! And he got away with it, no less! Nice job.

  12. All I could think was “To the moon Alice!”

  13. At he least he got his cut for himself… very innovative

  14. Great story. You pack so much in to your 100-words. I bet Clark is a shark in business too, 🙂

  15. Well done. Offs the wife and gets the settlement, too.

  16. Well written. This would make a good mystery story. It would be one where the viewer knew he did it but the dectective has to discover it.

  17. Ah! I loved your story!
    Clever clever on the title 😀

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