Of magic and more




Rachel crouched in the shadows. Tiny beads of sweat trickled down the nape of her neck as she waited. Time was passing agonizingly slow for her. She wished he would hurry up and walk into the trap she had set for him! She cursed him under her breath. Matthew Whitman. Rachel hated everything about him, from his squeaky clean smile, to the shrewd businessman’s brain whirring away behind those pretty blue eyes.

 Rachel and Matthew had been rivals throughout their education at Harvard Business School. Right from the start Matthew had infuriated Rachel by countering all her intelligent answers by his equally brilliant opinions, and winning the favour of every professor he studied under. Rachel had hated him when he was the top scorer of the batch, sailing past her with just a mark , just half a grade point above her. Rachel could have forgiven him for all of that, but it was the last straw for her when she learnt from the university grapevine that the job, her dream job, as a Harvard professor, was going to be offered to Matthew during campus placement. This is not going to happen, Rachel vowed to herself. She felt no need for threats or blackmail, she was certain she could talk it out with Matthew. After all, they had an understanding, didn’t they?


After a few months at Harvard, Rachel’s lifelong interest in the occult had led her to a secret society dealing primarily in Wicca and necromancy. There she had been surprised to see Matthew and angry that even here he was a notch higher than her. But she hadn’t said anything, not openly, because their relationship as fellow occultists was quite friendly and they were co-dependent on each other to protect their secret.  Rachel was sure the matter of the job offer was negotiable.


“Rachel Hudson, are you mad?” Matthew laughed scornfully. “This job is great! Why on earth would I negotiate with you about it?”

“It’s my dream!”

“It’s easy money, and I’ve always wanted that. Sorry, but I’m not letting this go.”

Rachel was desperate now. “I’ll reveal your membership in the secret community to the university!” she threatened, making him laugh again.

“So they won’t give me the job-but they won’t give it to you either, when they find out that you’re a member too. And then you won’t have to worry about jobs anymore because the society leaders will find you and execute you for treachery. Game over.”

He was right, and she knew it. But how could she stand by and watch him take over her life? Rachel thought long and hard about all she had learnt from Wicca and a plan began to unfold in her mind.


Looking back, Rachel could not find a single flaw in her planning. Everything was in place. The hex bags were under the cabinets and inside the drawers, the elements had been invoked, and offerings had been made to the deities.

Rachel watched with bated breath as Matthew entered the room and stood in front of the computer, which was unresponsive. He punched the buttons and kicked at the CPU, starting when the printer suddenly spat out a sheet of paper with a huge inky black spot covering most of its area. Puzzled, Matthew took it in his hands and peered at it.

Rachel could have jumped in joy when he touched his fingers to the spot and they swam in the dark pool of space instead of stopping at the surface of the sheet. This was it. The black hole that Rachel had herself designed and enchanted with spells, potions and a lot of hard work. Matthew was doing exactly as she had predicted he would. She had already conducted a necromantic ritual to ensure that the spirits guarding Matthew would not warn him against his impending doom. And there he was, placing the black hole on the sealed mouth of the safe, looking delighted as he pulled out bundles and bundles of the university’s funds. Then came the moment she had been waiting the most for- Matthew in his attempt to reach the last of the money, scrambled headfirst into the vault.

Rachel flicked her wrist. The sheet dropped to the ground, sealing Matthew into his cave of death.

Now it was time for her to pay the price. Rachel sat down on the floor and uttered the required incantation. She waited for someone to tell her what to do next.


This is my submission for the speakeasy yeah write #150

For details regarding the challenge, refer to http://www.yeahwrite.me/speakeasy/150-open/

Author: tinkerbelle96

Hi! I'm Sam, an 18 year old certified mad chick who likes to imagine that she can write. I live in India, a colourful, diverse country which is sadly getting polluted everyday by more and more violence....something no citizen can be proud of. I enjoy reading-basically horror, watching romcoms and horror flicks(yes, again horror, my favourite being Sinister- its psychotic just like me), eating( food, oh yes, I love foooooood), attending college, and most of all(oh, do stay and listen a while longer) I love animals. I have periodic urges to own and look random "pets". Currently I wish to own a baby elephant, which I will name Thama. I write to express what I feel, to keep that small creative bone alive in my body, and to make readers happy. I hope you like what I write!

27 thoughts on “Avarice

  1. Great take on the prompt and amazing description!
    The whole story played as a movie in front of my eyes!
    Kudos 😀

  2. I love the way you used the last line — the “someone” implied. And I love that you took the video prompt and replayed the whole scene inside a different plot. Great job!

  3. Nicely done. I like how you showed the dark side of rivals. Under the best of circumstances, they can push us to be better than we would have otherwise been. The fact she may not regret her actions is chilling!

  4. It’s hard to have too much sympathy for Matthew given his unhesitating choice to rob the safe, but I wonder what price Rachel will pay. Well done.

  5. That was a great write up…Thanks for sharing

  6. It’s a wonderful story.

  7. I like how you wove the video we were given into your plot line. She sure wanted that job bad to kill for it. Great story! ♥

  8. Ohhh spells and Wicca and secret societies! Nice!

  9. I love the backstory for the video prompt. Nicely done!

  10. Good job with the prompt. I think if you had no word limit this could be greatly expanded to a really great short story. You’ve got lots to work with. The backstory part is so interesting that I would have loved to see more of that and how that slowly simmers until that moment in the story when Rachel decides to go forward with her plan. It would be so evil!

    Also, I love the cave of death!

  11. Wow, you really worked that video into your story perfectly. You built up to the finish with a smoothly written background, and captured my interest, making want to know what happens next. You character is another that people should never cross. She seems really dangerous and ambitious. I like that you included that she must pay a price. Not everyone knows that the universe requires balance. So when doing something with magic, there is always a cost. I love that detail. Great story!

  12. Nicely done! I love the way you describe their rivalry – and how they end up undoing themselves because of it. I love the secret society and magical elements too. And the implication of her cost at the end is great. 🙂

  13. What ambition and greed does to people-this is a perfect example!Loved how you weaved it around the prompt,incorporating so many facets of human selfishness.Loved the element of intrigue in that black magic and how you structured the face off around that video-excellent 🙂

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